The new high street

The new high street

Unfortunately, the old high street adult sex shops are becoming a thing of the past due to the advances and privacy of the Internet. Nearly all adult toy sales are now generated online as many of these old-fashioned sex shops are closing down and moving over to the internet to stay alive. In turn, online sales for those sex toy companies trading on the internet has gone up hugely over the last few years creating new jobs and a greater range of products, that cater for a wider range of fantasies for all.

Our adult business caters to all markets including straight, gay and bondage we take pride in suppling all types of items that allow are customers to bring their fantasy to life in many ways in their own surroundings. We carry the largest range of adult toys in Europe.

We support you with our highly experienced technical team. Our staff have worked in the adult industry for over a decade. Our business support is second to none.

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